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Ballerina - About the Brand   Ballerina have been established since 1989. And is now one of Europe’s fastest growing hosiery companies. What makes Ballerina special is the teamwork by highly qualified designers and technicians, who create their unique collections of high quality tights, hold-ups and stockings. Ballerina uses specialist modern machinery in its manufacturing processes, and creates unique 'in-house 'designs, which keeps pace with customer’s demands for modern fashion. Ballerina focus on elegance and comfort in their designs, and attention to detail in their high levels of quality control.   What's New? Alterego has signed an exclusive deal with Ballerina Hosiery, and is now delighted to be able to offer their extensive collections. At the forefront of innovation and technology, Ballerina have just launched their exciting new pheromone infused collection, 'Hush Hush', (patent pending), which will help to make the wearer feel even more special, subtly highlighting her sex appeal! Ballerina also have an extensive and very special Bridal collection, which won't fail to make the Bride feel extra glamorous on her special day. 
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                                Registered Company No.: 06148322 | Registered Office: Owthorne Manor, 2 Hubert Street, Withernsea, East Yorkshire, HU19 2AT © 2007-2013

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